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When your child is on a hospital waiting list

When your child is on a hospital waiting list

Some background. My 4 year old DS had 4 seizure type episodes over the course of about a week back in April, he wasn't sick at the time, it was all very random. We haven't noticed it happen since, although we obviously don't have our eyes on him constantly, so who knows? He is otherwise a perfectly happy and healthy 4 year old.We took him to the GP at the time who thought possible epilepsy and referred us to the Children's Hospital, where he has been put on a waiting list to see the Neurology team. 'm of the opinion that it is not that urgent, we'll be seen to when it's our turn on the list, there is probably many other children who require appointments more urgently, and the hospital would triage appropriately. I think if I start ringing and harassing them for an appointment it will be wasting everyone's time and not achieve anything anyway.So, what do you think? What do you do when your child is on a waiting list?Should I ring the hospital just to shut my husband up?
Please help.
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References: http://www.essentialkids.com.au/forums/ … ting-list/

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